45 Minutes.

Most of my shows are 45 minutes long. This gives me 45 minutes to shape my audience members’ worlds and provide moments of amazement, mystery and inspiration. And if I do my job right, they’ll leave thinking differently than when they arrived. They’ll have questioned their realities, or perhaps simply have had a fun time for 45 minutes.[spacer height=”20px”]

I bring this all up now because I recently performed at a private party in Des Moines, Iowa, and my client proposed to his girlfriend right before my show. The mood in the room rose to an ultimate high, and I had a blast performing after the newly engaged couple returned to the party. That night will forever become an etched story in the couple’s lives. And to think that I helped make it a memorable evening is extremely humbling.[spacer height=”20px”]

I had 45 minutes to create a significant experience for the entire audience. Every minute is an opportunity to impact others’ lives, which gives me the ever-so-important task of ensuring that every show is a killer one. I absolutely love performing for audiences of all sizes and occasions across the country. But perhaps what is more fulfilling is the knowledge that my shows have the potential to forever last in the memory of my audiences and help shape some of the best moments in their lives. I get all of that in 45 minutes.

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