I’m particularly jazzed up these days because I’m working on a new piece of magic, one that I hope will become incredible corporate entertainment. But this post is not about me creating a magic routine, it’s about collaboration.[spacer height=”20px”]

I debuted this routine last month at Foundation Cabaret, a one-of-a-kind show at the world-famous House of Blues in Chicago. The crowd was so much fun and the routine went well. But, I felt like the its potential had not yet been reached.[spacer height=”20px”]

I performed it at the House of Blues again a few weeks later, this time duringĀ Comedy Cocktail, a hilarious show filled with some of Chicago’s best stand up comedians. (Both Foundation Cabaret and Comedy Cocktail are must-sees in your Chicago entertainment to-do list).[spacer height=”20px”]

But again, the routine was missing a, “WOW! YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND!!” factor. So, I swallowed my stubborn pride and decided to collaborate with others. I talked with fellow magicians and comedians, along with my girlfriend, to figure out a way to make the routine 10 times better than the original one. I performed the new-and-improved version at two corporate shows this past weekend, and boy did it get a stellar reaction! (You can see a sneak peak of the routine inĀ a recent Instagram post.) [spacer height=”20px”]

And it looks very different from the original product, but that’s okay. Because it is now a better routine, one that has the potential to succeed both as corporate entertainment and a comedy show act. So check out my performance calendar to see this new routine live in action!

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