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I’m performing a brand new show July 25 and 29 at FringePVD, the Providence Fringe Festival. Or at least as much of a new show as I can. I told myself months ago that I wanted to to create an all new show for FringePVD. And a lot of the show will be new, while some of it will be material that I’ve performed countless times.

Some artists have a quick creative process, but not me. It takes time for me to shape a routine filled with personality, mystery, comedy and/or amazement. Master Magician Lance Burton once wrote an advice book for young magicians, which I read when I was 14 years old or so. He describes a creative process in which he thinks of an illusion for a while, ponders over the premise and possibilities, and waits for the routine to flourish by itself in his mind at its own time.

And I’ve come to terms that this is how my creative process works. I first think of the premise or idea I want to express. This idea can sometimes sit in my mind or notebook as inspiration for quite a while before something happens with it.

A spark went off in my brain last week. An idea I’ve been toying with for a while finally clicked into a magic routine. I spent a good chunk of the day brainstorming the routine and writing down a script. I can’t explain how this merge happened. But, I can only agree with Lance Burton that ideas can’t be forced and sometimes need time to churn in order to fully flourish.

So if you’re in Providence, be sure to check out my show at FringePVD July 25 and 29 to see some of my newly developed magic. It’s just a short plan ride away if you don’t live in Providence.

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