Over $2000 Raised: A Recap of “Real Magic”


I’ve been interested in magic for the past fourteen years, and my drive for performing has always remained the same. I love the smiles on people’s faces and the opportunity to bring happiness to others through magic. I’ve had individuals come up to me after a show, saying they had awful days and I was able to cheer them up. And benefit and volunteer shows, where I make no money, can many times be my most rewarding experiences. They allow me to throw the business part of my job aside and just enjoy the show.


I had an incredible opportunity this past February to perform two benefit shows for N Street Village, a nonprofit that helps low-income and homeless women in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The Village also provides affordable rental housing for low- and moderate-income individuals and families. Founded in 1972, N Street Village provides 40,000 meals yearly, safe housing for 172 families, 51 units of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income individuals and families, as well as a variety of other impactful services.


Real Magic: A Magic Show Benefiting N Street Village appeared, (no magic pun intended), February 21 and 28 at the D.C. Arts Center. Each $37 ticket provided 30 hot and nutritious meals for the women of N Street Village. The shows raised $2020, which helps supply over 1600 meals for the women of N Street Village! That number astounds me, and I’m incredibly grateful for the support from my audiences and fans to help improve the lives of others. The show was an hour-long, filled with crisp sleight of hand and engaging illusions (but of course I’m biased). And it was properly titled Real Magic. As I explained in the show, the entire performance was built off of months and years of rehearsals and practice. But, the true magic occurred when we all came together for a cause greater than ourselves in order to help thousands of women in need. It is extremely cheesy, but true nonetheless.



I had a great opportunity to perform for the women of N Street Village the week before opening night. It was my first time back since two years ago, when I first heard of the organization and performed at the Village. The group of women, both during this performance and my first one, were grateful and full of enthusiasm and compassion. I felt humbled to help put a smile on each one of their faces during my show at the Village and honored to help raise money to provide tangible help for them as well.


I love my job because it allows me to bring happiness to others in ways I could have never imagined. We all have our part to play in making this world a better place. I hope each and every one of us never forgets his or her calling to help repair this tattered world while seeing the beauty in compassion for others. Thank you to everyone who helped support Real Magic, and I can’t wait until the next adventure!

All the best,
Danny Dubin

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