The KEY Ingredient to your Stress-Free Event.

As a professional magician and corporate entertainer, I strive to provide my clients with a stress-free experience, from our initial conversions to the performance itself and everything in between. Special event planners worry enough about caterers, bands, hotel managers and more. My magic show should be an enjoyable experience, free of any stress, and I’ve spent hours ensuring that my audiences are ecstatic about my work. [spacer height=”20px”]

Which brings me to the key ingredient to any stress-free event: performer’s liability insurance. This is the best purchase I’ve made as a professional entertainer. I’ve worked hours upon hours on perfecting my show. I treat your borrowed diamond ring as if it is my own precious jewel. I meet you at the front of the stage and hold your hand (if needed) as you walk up to help with the show.┬áBut, despite my years of experience and delicate planning, I am sadly not immune to accidents. [spacer height=”20px”]

Liability insurance ensures a stress-free process in the case of an accident occurring, such as a volunteer slipping while on stage. As a corporate entertainer, it allows me to relax during the magic show, because I know that any accidents that may arise are covered. As the client, you know that I am a responsible entertainer who cares deeply about my audiences.[spacer height=”20px”]

Each client has a million things to worry about when planning an event, but my show should not be one of those worries. So simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the (insured) show.

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