Waking Up

I was scheduled to perform at 11PM recently. The venue was close to my house and it was going to be a short show, but still, it was at 11PM and I was tired. I performed vocal warmups backstage to help wake me up. I ran through my set a number of times in my head and even did the “shakedown exercise” that many people do in theater classes; (it’s a good thing to know if you don’t already). But despite these attempts, I was still tired and it was almost showtime. [spacer height=”20px”]

The curtain opened and I walked on stage, still hoping to find some energy for my audience. I spoke into the microphone and immediately felt a wave hit my face. The audience’s beaming curiosity excited me, and I felt as good as new.[spacer height=”20px”]

It’s a unique feeling, waking up on stage. My audience entrusts me to provide them with an incredible experience. And for that I must be fully awake. We work in partnership, feeding energy to each other. I use the audience’s reactions and excitement to fuel my passion and interactions with them. And it’s my responsibility to transport them to a world of fun, mystery and entertainment for however long. It’s a world full of infinite possibilities, and something unique and unexpected can and usually does happen with each performance. And no matter what, that feeling will hopefully continue to wake me up for each and every show. [spacer height=”20px”]

Danny Dubin on Stage

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