Danny Dubin’s Stage Magic & Mentalism Show fits perfectly as after-dinner entertainment or simply to add a “WOW” factor to your corporate entertainment. Volunteers’ thoughts are predicted, a fortune cookie reveals the future, and a spectator's signed $100 bill appears in a sealed orange. This Las Vegas-style show can last from 30 to 60 minutes and is guaranteed to leave a memorable impression.


Strolling Entertainment is guaranteed to make cocktail hours and receptions more memorable. Dubin performs unique and crisp sleight-of-hand with everyday borrowed objects, which creates impossible magic in front of your guests’ eyes. Single dollar bills change instantly into a stack of a hundred dollars, a borrowed ring appears in an impossible location and a deck of cards moves by itself. Dubin has performed this intimate style of magic for the Embassy of Australia, the World Bank and live on television.


Treat your corporate or private gathering to a Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show! This private experience features highlights from Danny Dubin's Live Stage Show, as well as new additions specifically geared towards the virtual environment. Audience members' thoughts are revealed, prestigious sleight of hand is displayed, and random events are miraculously predicted.

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